About Us

Our Mission

Raising aspirations for a better life and improving income generation among the Somali Bantu and Nilotic people in Somalia.

Our Story

For thousands of years, Africans have relied on agriculture to sustain their cultures. Nomadic peoples have moved their herds across vast expanses to find new grazing grounds, water holes, and markets for their products. We are the Somali Bantu peoples who have roamed vast expanses of Africa to sustain workable trading relationship and work with local cultures to improve economic resiliency. We are primarily located in Somalia with large Disapora population around the world, with a great number in the United States. We are a unique cultural identity tied to the Nilotic peoples through a common heritage and a common identity.

Meet the Team

Listed below are bright minded individuals who are currently running our day to day activties of US KESOCBA volunteerly without expecting any compensations from the organization and its affiliates.

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Ibrahim Abdulle

Founder & CEO

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Aziza Shego

Vice President

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Adan Abdi