USKESOCBA has managed to work in southern Somalia which is under the control of the federal government. Uskesocba has constructed standard primary and secondary schools in Dharkenley district of Mogadishu and Burhakaba district of Bay region, sponsors and supports more than 89 poor students in southern Somalia. Uskesocba has constructed a hospital, organized 16 mobile clinics to provide medical services treated to drought and war-affected people in Somalia. More than 115,200 people in southern Somalia have been reached by the mobile health teams. Improving water accessibility and income generation, it constructed more than 100 hands dug wells equipped with hand pumps, supported internally displaced people (IDP) in southern Somalia with food and shelter, supports and sponsors 280 orphans, restocked 150 of resource-poor HHs and supported 180 small farmers with the rehabilitation of land and water canals. In addition, USKESOCBA  has proved not only its capacity to implement quality programs in one of the most dangerous and marginalized areas but also a successful partnership with donors and government bodies from varies countries and more importantly succeeding the trust of the communities and diasporas of African background.