US Kenya Somalia Cross Border Trader's Association is a humanitarian relief organization that runs in Somalia especially in the south west regions of Somalia. Droughts hit in most of the Somalia and we can say that the drought has impacted generally Somali people. People and animals are at risk of waterless and food insecurity conditions. Most of the communities living in the rural villages are migrating from where they were originally living due to waterless and food insecurity situations. Pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities have witnessed repeated erosion of their livelihood base as a result of repeated shocks and insufficient recovery time, resulting in frequent migration in search of pasture/water or an abandonment of pastoralist for movement to semi-urban/urban areas. Agro pastoral families will suffer food and seed stock deficits as some households failed to plant due to displacement or lack of farm inputs. Pastoralists will require assistance until stocks are sufficiently replenished.