United States

USKESOCBA is a national organization None Government Organization founded in the United States by Mr. Ibrahim Abdulle who arrive in the U.S. as a legal refugee from Somalia. The Organization was formed in 2012 and was successfully registered in 2014 with a mission to Raise aspirations for a better life and improving income generation among the Somali Bantu and Nilotic people in the United States, Kenya, Somalia, and around the world.

The three main goals for USKESOCBA in the United States are as follows:

  1. To raise the level of awareness on the needs of the people and to build up the capacity of the local Somali Bantu and Nilotic Community residents wherever they reside in the US to:
    1. Build up local businesses and micro-enterprises, both young and old, women and men.
    2. Create opportunities for farming across the US.
    3. Develop communications among the membership to rise up standards for accomplishing goals in America.
    4. Improve local, regional and national conditions for our members, their families, their professional colleagues, and their cross-border partners.
    5. Graduate from high school, college, post graduate studies.
    6. Take advantage of all opportunities within the local communities to raise awareness of the conditions and the future needs of the people wherever in the world they reside.
  2. To educate men, women, boys and girls of the Somali Bantu and Nilotic Community decent to prepare for and tend to both stable and emergency situations involving their lives in the neighborhoods, counties, districts, towns and cities wherever they live across the United States, in which includes preparing for:
    1. Fire and local natural disasters (e.g.: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
    2. Civic participation in the form of joining local neighborhood organizations and other relevant and appropriate NGOs that will help the residents access opportunities.
    3. Especially focus on anti-gang education for the youth and building programs for developing civic and cultural pride.
  3. To raise technical skills among the people, old and young alike, in the following areas:
    1. Trade and finance, national and international.
    2. Agriculture sciences.
    3. Environment changes.
    4. Cross-border exchanges.
    5. Engineering and construction.
    6. Accounting and banking/finance.
    7. Sciences as they relate to agriculture, fishing, biotechnology, communications.
  4. To preserve and strengthen the Somali Bantu and Nilotic Community’s cultural identities by enforcing the local customs, traditions, language, and ideologies, while uniting the residents wherever they dwell in the USA to accomplish shared goals, including:
    1. Stabilizing local conditions and providing for quality of life.
    2. Increasing employment and the creation of the small businesses.
    3. Broadening the reach of the people in the local civic and cultural affairs of the host community.
    4. Developing cross border trade relations within the membership network of the US-KESOCBA Association.